¿What is MariaDB and what are its features?

¿What is MariaDB and what are its features?


MariaDB is a relational database management system, This is a derivative of MySQL and is one of the most important databases worldwide. MariaDB is characterized by its great efficiency and its great versatility, since it is used for small, medium or large projects.


As a result of the purchase of the MySQL database management system by the company Sun Microsystems, Michael Widenius, one of the creators of MySQL, decides to continue with his free project to the public but this time under the name of his daughter María. Thus emerging MariaDB, which is compatible with MySQL up to version 5.5

Why it is important?

One of the most important features of mdb is that it is open source. If accommodation is usually cheap and widely used. It is distributed under the GPL (general public license) so its use is free for everyone.